I am in Turkey in a town called Cesme…

The town of Cesme is only an hour and a half away…by bus or car…from the Aegean city of Izmir. Cesme is located on a peninsula that juts out so far into the Aegean Sea that the nearest Greek island…Xios…is just a short twenty minute boat ride away. (pronounced Cheshme).

During the summer Cesme comes alive with thousands of tourists. There are many shops with beautiful ceramics, fabrics and all sorts of interesting souvenirs. There is an old Ottoman castle and a lovely marina. And as well, Cesme offers very good food in street cafes and fish restaurants called “mayhane.” In these eating places you can have your fried fish together with your Raki, which you drink with ice and water. (Raki is the Turkish version of Ouzo and typically accompanies fish dinners instead of white wine, which is also available).

At the end of the main street, called the Bazaar Street, you find the Aegean Sea. All along the sea there is a large and breezy promenade with many more restaurants and bars with live music as well as small street markets and many, many tour boats. It makes for a lovely day trip or for a weekend stay as very close by there are many sandy beaches and many comfortable beach clubs as well where you can actually enjoy swimming in the cool, clean, blue waters of the marvelous Aegean. Here are a few shots of my trip to Cesme.

In part two I will feature some of the beaches in the area as well as other places in the Cesme peninsula to discover and enjoy. Then I will take that twenty minute fast boat to Xios to see the Aegean from the other side, you may say.

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I am an artist…at at times poet and writer…from Valencia, Spain. If you would like to see my artwork, please visit my Instagram @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera and my online galleries at http://www.ArtPal.com/rfbravo1155


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