From My Blood-Red Orange: “Immigrants”

Draw a map upon the sand
that shapes the Earth,
place oceans, lakes, rivers and land
the places of our birth.
Carefully shape mountains and valleys,
glaciers and bays,
perhaps the city streets and alleys,
and places where we'll stay.
There are no lines or borders
on the planet we all share,
there should not be an order
that keeps us far from where
a new life, new beginning
for those who seek to make
an honest way of living and
nothing else to take.

I wanted to express my concern for the recent anti-immigrant words pronounced by the current president of the United States and many, many others. Immigrants have always existed. Throughout the ages people have migrated. From Europe they went to the Americas. From Asia they came to Europe. From Africa they were stolen and taken to the United States and many islands in the Caribbean and some countries in South and Central America. In the end, this earth of ours, all the countries that have been established, all have grown with immigrants and the family of man has been enriched with that constant flow of people, like the blood in our veins.

Ronald Reagan said in his last speech that if the United States should ever close its doors to immigrants it would cease to be a great country. During these times, the current administration is precisely seeking to do such a thing. And not only that, the current government is persecuting immigrants that live and work, and have lived and worked in US cities for decades. Two days ago, repressive forces from what they call ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) have raided factories in Mississippi and have arrested three hundred men and women whom they have classified as “illegals.” They were taken to detention centres while their children were left alone without their parents, many not even aware of what occurred to their parents or where they may be.

However, the most terrible thing that such hatred can provoke and inspire are mass killings like the one in El Paso, Texas, where a young “white” male, 21 years old, took an assault rifle (another atrocity which should not be allowed in a civilised society) and walked into a department store and started shooting, killing twenty (two more later died in hospital) and injuring 26 more. He declared to the police that he wanted to stop the invasion of immigrants into “his” country by killing Mexicans. Six of the dead were Mexican citizens, all the others were citizens of the United States. The president of the United States has also said, on many occasions, that the country is being “invaded” by immigrants, mostly from Mexico and Central America.

Hatred results from intolerance and intolerance breeds hatred. And when those who are perceived as leaders…or who actually are…tell people that the country is being invaded by immigrants, terrible things can occur. Immigrants are not the problem of the ills that abound in many countries. Perhaps the governments of such countries should look at their educational system instead of blaming those who simply come to work and to search for a better life for themselves and their families. The earth does not belong to a particular “race” or nationality. The earth belongs to all.

As an artist, I believe I, along with all other artists, poets, writers, filmmakers, dramatists et al, should involve ourselves in speaking out against injustices and other social ills. You can follow my art work in my Instagram @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera and you can see my 2019 collection, “JaZzArt en Valencia” by visiting…you don’t have to buy…my online galleries at


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