The Kingdom of Ignorance

“A Sadness Growing”

When a nation describes its population as being either white, black or brown, it is creating a platform for the voices of the uneducated. The ignorant and obviously, the racists can then denounce as inferior and undeserving, those, of those groups, who they despise. Discrimination exists when one group is chosen above another and when policies are established the divides people into members of groups, the table is set for any and all sorts of discrimination to occur.

Yesterday a disgraceful criminal act took place in El Paso, Texas, United States. A twenty-one year old male, carrying a semi-automatic rifle, entered a crowded Walmart store and started shooting people at random. He killed twenty and injured twenty six. He chose a specific store that he knew was preferred by the Mexican-American population of that city which borders Mexico. Among the dead where three Mexican citizens. The rest were all United States citizens. The murderer left a manifesto, of sorts, on Facebook, saying that he wanted to draw attention to the Mexican invasion of his country.

From January to August of this year, 2019, there have been over two hundred and sixty mass shootings in the United States. Many of them racially motivated or hate motivated. The shooters have, for most of these odious incidents, been young, “white,” American men. In the case of El Paso, the killer was a professed “white supremacist.”

Let me make it clear that there is no such things as white, blacks or brown people. There are no Mexican-American, no Italian-Americans, no Arab-Americans et al. There are no Christians, no atheists, no Protestants and no Muslims. We are all people and we share the same DNA. The United States is made up of IMMIGRANTS! The United States is made up of Human Beings all belonging to the only “race” there is, the HUMAN RACE.


The United States government should stop all this racial classification. I live in Europe…and Europe is also multi-racial and multi-ethnic…and in my country, part of the European Union, there is no such classification. The government does not ask people to list their ethnic origin neither their religious affiliation. In Europe we…the people and the government…do not care what “colour” people are. We have been around long enough to know that people come in every shape, colour and style. So should they in the United States of America.

To continue to classify people, to continue to blame people for crimes they did not commit and to continue to dare to tell someone they should “go home,” is perpetuating the greatest evils, the triple threat to civilised society: hatred, intolerance and ignorance.

Humans come in the colour of God, the colour of Love. Someone’s skin tone…which is the correct way to state this stupidity of colour…does not guarantee kindness, compassion, goodness. Nor does it identify the person as a thief, a rapist, a drug dealer, a gang member or a murderer. Much less does it make anyone inferior to anyone else.

The painting above “Surge la Tristeza” or “A Sadness Growing” I chose, specifically, to represent my mood and feelings after hearing what occurred in El Paso, Texas. It is a small acrylic on canvas work from 2008 that is now in a private collection in Turkey. For more of myu artwork, please visit my Instagream @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera and for my “JaZzArt en Valencia” 2019 series, please visit my online galleries…you do not have to buy anything…at


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