From My Blood-Red Orange Part 12: Magical Realism

Participating in a mixed expo…2016…with painting “Cello” (2003 acrylic on canvas)

As an artist, I am interested in reality. In my private world I am fascinated by dreams, symbolism, surrealism and all manner of wonders useful for allowing the mind to escape from the tediousness which often results from the intensity of reality. But when I am at work, I am focused on only what is real. My paintings sometimes reflect colours, forms, shapes, lines and figures that may little resemble reality…to you…but that are as real to me as you are.

My paintings are of things just as we experience them. We do not experience the visual without the auditive or without the emotive. A street scene does not occur without the movement of people. We witness their activity and hear their voices. We enjoy the colours of nature or of things man made and we, at times, empathise with the emotions of the people all around. Those are the elements I put into my work. I try to recreate the forms that represent the mood of what I have witnessed. This process is what I call jazz art.

I am a Jazz painter. What I paint is not what I have seen but what I have taken from experience. I create as I go, adhering to one of the rules of Jazz, which is that the performer is the composer as well. I don’t paint looking at a model, because I looked at the model weeks, maybe even months before. When I get ready to paint I begin to do it by recreating the impression I got of what I saw. I improvise.

I create a psychological palette as I put colour to the emotions. I paint the figure with the intention they had while posing. I represent their thoughts, their movements, their feelings. Of course, all of this is subjective. Although most of the psychological aspects are represented via colour, please don’t consider my figurative realism with abstract art. My work is closer to expressionism than anything else but instead of the dark tones and shadows, typical of that genre, I love bright colours.

-Bombin Verde- 2019, Valencia, acrylic on canvas 60 x 60 cm

When I paint a jazz band, whether it is a trio, a quartet or a larger orchestra, I try to capture the intensity of the music they are creating. Jazz is so powerful because it is very similar to life. A jazz performance starts out by establishing a well defined and clearly written musical line, with phrasing and chorus. But then, the performer…usually the soloist…begins to go off in different direction. He creates, composes and re-writes as he plays. The rest follow along, also creating, even the chords, rhythms and the dynamics of the song. And of course, in Jazz there must always be rhythm, it has to swing.

Well, this is similar to how we live our lives. We begin with a plan, an idea, a thought, a schedule but as we begin our day, trying to do what we’ve planned, unexpected things begin to occur. Your car can break down. The train may be late. The city suffers a power outtage. A sudden storm takes you by surprise. How many variables are there? So many you cannot count. Even when the day goes along relatively trouble free and smooth, you might find yourself wondering towards an ice cream parlour or somewhere else. So life has to be improvised, no matter how rigidly we stick to our plan. Discipline takes its cue from spontaneity and spontaneity is the offspring of improvisation. This is Jazz…

“JaZzArt” (series in black & white drawings, ink and graphite on paper)

Thank you for your time and attention. If you have liked what you have seen and read, please like, follow and share. And please comment. Let’s discussions aspects of art. If you love art, we need to promote it, defend it and take it back from the hands of those who run the art industry that promote mostly garbage and charge millions for it. Art must return to the artists. So let is generate interest through sharing and discussions. Leave a comment if you agree.

My work can be seen on Instagram @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera and my online galleries…viewing is free…of JaZzArt en Valencia, my 2019 collection is at


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