From My Blood-Red Orange Part 10: Dreaming of the Sea

Day trippers out on a cruise around Ilica, in Turkey’s Aegean Sea

I am always dreaming of the sea. I have to live near the sea and preferably with a view of the sea from somewhere in my house or apartment. I think that although I love a mountain scene, I could never live on a mountain, unless, of course the mountain was next to the sea.

Presently I am looking out my window to the the mighty Aegean Sea being held back by a thin strip of sand on the shore before me. The Aegean is a special place to me though I do not understand the reasons. I came to the Aegean almost twenty years ago and I immediately felt that I belonged here. More so, I felt I had been here before, swam in these waters, enjoyed seeing the seven shades of blue that form their unique colour. Maybe I was here some time ago, perhaps in another life.

Every time I walk on the shore of the beach in front of my house and wet my feet in the Aegean, I feel close to ancient history, to the gods and goddesses that once, like I do now, walked along the shore or waded into these same waters. It is no wonder that every summer, when I am here, I feel more creative, more in tune with nature and with the events that shaped our western past, which after all, started in the Aegean.

Undoubtedly, these are…of course together with the Mediterranean Sea…the waters of history. On these waters sailed Jason in the Argonaut in search of the Golden Fleece. On these waters rode Zeus on a beautiful white bull, taking with him Europa to the west and giving her name to the continent. On these waters drowned King Aegeus, thinking that his son, Theseus had perished fighting the Minotaur, he threw himself into the waters of the sea, which gave the name to this body of water. Magical, no?

Presently in the Chesme penninsula of Turkey…where Ilica is…there are several archeological sites as well as the site of the ancient Greek city of Erythrai. All, or most, are open to the public and easily accessible from Izmir, where there is an international airport and from where day trips are available as well.

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