Darkness Sublime

Something that I had a lot of fun doing back in the early 2000’s with my band AJA (Abstract JaZz Arrangement)

“Darkness Sublime” by BODO and AJA

“I met the lady dancing at the neighbourhood pub, man she was a pretty sight, she showed me all the moves that I could ever dream of and then she took me home for the night…”

This is the opening line of a song that I think I wrote in 2004 or 2005, I am not so sure. I probably have the manuscript somewhere but in any event, it narrates the origins and creation of Bodo Vespaciano and AJA. That “night” which lasted for a long time, allowed BODO to come forth as a personality.

I should explain that BODO was my trademark…and sometimes my identity…for many years but…

BODO surged from a dream and a nightmare but most certainly from reality. But not necessarily the name which came from one of my favourite footballers of the eighties, Bodo Illgner, the German Goal Keeper who played with the West German team in the World Cup 1990 and who also played for Real Madrid. So there is no mystery there. Vespaciano comes from the name of a Roman Emperor. Nothing there either. Then what?

Well, creating a company name that can also function as an alter-ego is something that can create confusion but…with that intention at times…that was not what I intended to do. With BODO around I was able to begin my body of work, of paintings and drawings, back in 2003. BODO was capable of reliving dreams and situations perhaps created back ten years before when I wrote a musical theatre comedy in Miami and such a time left many memories and from such an effort I also gained many unique experiences and the result has been many vivid visions. I know its confusing but…

Listen to the song, watch the video that way, instead of so many words, the song will explain most everything there is to know of the BODO VESPACIANO mystery…

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“Bodo Vespaciano” Paris


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