The Blue Aegean Sea in Ilica

The “Big Beach” on the Aegean Coast of Turkey

I first came to the Aegean in the Summer of 2003 and instantly fell in love with these waters. Although they were quite cold, perhaps a little too cold for my taste, the sea was clean, crystal clear and so inviting I had to close my eyes and dive right in. I was sailing in a sailboat with my wife and a few other friends, travelling south from Bodrum, Turkey along the Aegean coast and every little cove we visited during the journey offered such unspoiled beauty and tranquility that you felt very much a part of nature.

As an artist, and a lover of the colour blue, I am always fascinated by the beaches you find here as well. Standing on the wide expanse of golden sand you look out and see such different shades of turquoise, cobalt, ultramarine and cerulean blues manifesting themselves so distinctly that you feel as if you are watching the hand of Poseidon himself carefully painting the waters with his sea and sky-blue palette.

I grew up on the ocean, the Atlantic Ocean that is and the Caribbean Sea, which is part of that great body of water. Although I’ve seen such blue magnificence surrounding islands in that part of the world, I am still quite in love with the Aegean variety. Maybe it’s because here in the Aegean, on the Turkish coast, surrounded by Greek islands such as Xios, Samos, Cos, Rhodes, Lesbos and Patmos, I can sail these waters thinking that a few centuries before me great men sailed them too.

These were the waters upon which Jason sailed the Argonaut in his search for the Golden Fleece. Here sailed Menelaus in his quest to regain his Helen, taken by Hector to Troy and these waters returned Agamemnon to Greece only to be assassinated by his treacherous wife. I think those were the right legends and histories. Thinking about them as I sail these waters makes me feel close to ancient history, precisely the history that created our Western World.

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