Discrimination, racial profiling, prejudice, bigotry and other such distasteful attitudes and practices are supposedly frowned upon in the US. Many laws have been enacted to curb these uncivilised practices and well placed laws they are for if persons within society are not willing to conform and live in harmony and peace then the government must step in with laws to force these renegades to comply with, not just the judicial system but to society’s norms. However, we have seen that in the past, some groups regarded in the US as “minorities” have not enjoyed the same protection. We have the famous FBI sting operation in Washington which they called “ABSCAM,” for example…imagine what outrage it would have caused had it been called “JEWSCAM?”

Another “overlooked” item is he use of the term, (and I say “term” because it is not a qualifier, descriptive pronoun or definition), HISPANICS and the more recent “LATINO.” Americans have been taught by the media to classify anyone whose native language is Spanish as a “Hispanic” or “Latino.” This is not only a mistake in semantics but an insult and an open door to discriminating cultures and peoples who cannot and should not be lumped into such a sack. I know it is easier for demographic “experts” in the US to think that their country has three major population groups, the “whites,” the “blacks” and the “Hispanics,” or “Latinos.” But the truth is that this nomenclature is insulting, offensive, discriminatory and wrong in all manners.

Within countries of “Latin America” (also a wrong use of the word “Latin”) there is as much variety in population as there is in the US. That is because their history, as far as European and African migrations (forced or voluntary) is very similar. In Ecuador, Colombia or Argentina, you find whites, Indians, blacks, Jews, Arabs, Chinese and all mixtures imaginable. Just like in Manhattan. Furthermore, other than the language, (and that serving as a wide base only for there are differences in the Spanish spoken in all South and Central American countries), there are very little similarities in the cultures of each of the Spanish speaking countries of America. When citizens of these countries come to the US, they find that their individualities have been stripped away and they’ve been lumped into an amorphous sack called “Latinos” and treated as an inferior being, belonging to a minority and devoid of any individual characteristics. To further exemplify this absurdity, in many instances they are called “brown.”

This is the greatest form of discrimination imaginable! And I would like to ask American people to think before they repeat asinine phrases such as “Latinos,” or “Hispanic,” when describing a person who speaks Spanish. One of these “Latinos,” may be a white Jew of Ashkenazi descent, or a Mexican of full or partially blooded Aztec origins, or of Spanish, Italian, French or German origins. They may be black, mulatto or mixed in a variety of different combinations depending on their family tree and those backgrounds do not make someone Latino or Hispanic.

Americans should be very careful because ignorance is pernicious and contagious. They should remember that they are not the only “white folk” or “negroes” in the hemisphere or even in the US itself. After all, the United States of America is a country of immigrants and within such a country the idea of a minority is not just ridiculous, it is prejudicial. It implies that there is a majority that rules and sets the rules…and in many ways we see that happening…with what authority do “White Americans” determine that Spanish speaking people of European descent are not white? Or that being of Spanish origin makes you less white than being of English? This attitude of superiority must cease and the nomenclatures born of it must desist!

Take this lesson to heart: People from the Spanish (and Portuguese) speaking countries of America are not LATINOS and the white ones (European descent) are WHITE and the ones of African ancestry are BLACK et cetera et cetera, just like in the USA. Stop this profiling and lumping everyone in the same discriminated sack and LEARN! Read, study history, geography, grammar! It is incredible how many Americans are functional illiterates and how many more have zero knowledge of history or of major world events! And in closing, remember, there is no such thing as a Latino or Hispanic race, culture or ethnicity…and ignorance is not bliss, if it were you would all be smiling right now.

And PLEASE look up and define words they feed you, and don’t look them up using sources as ignorant as you are, take the trouble to research…