Will to Live

Will to Live

The sample of a cactus…represents life, which is a battle between the will of each human being and the ignorance that floats above the air we breathe. The “Will to Live” is a struggle for the artist for he has to overcome the force that implacably leads him to choose the path of least resistance and force himself to walk the narrow and difficult path that leads, inevitably, to creativity.

Art is not decoration. Art is a weapon and the artist must use it to fight against some of the greatest enemies of the human spirit like rationalism and materialism…

I pity the artist who is afraid to speak for fear of losing his patrons and his buyers…

I pity the artist who does not take up his brush, his pen or his instrument to paint, write or play to create a magical world for the benefit of all and instead hides behind the veil of commercialism and so-called “success.”

And…I pity the artist who refuses to act as a social commentator and who does not denounce the evil that, united with ignorance, also floats above the air we breathe and who chooses to be successful even if it means selling his own soul…

OMNIA CAELUM STUDIO http://www.ArtPal.com/rfbravo1155


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  2. Anna Waldherr · January 20

    Art through the ages has required courage. Michelangelo was accused of being godless and homosexual for painting nudes in the Sistine Chapel. El Greco resisted the instruction of the Inquisition to use only certain colors.

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