In October 29, 1923, after overthrowing the last Sultan, General, Mustafa Kemal, created the modern Turkish Republic from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire. He was given the name and title of Ataturk, the “Father of the Turks.” Today I am happy to see that most of the Turks still have the spirit of the man who gave them so much, the longing for freedom and democracy that Ataturk fought for and the desire to look to the West and to modernity. The young, the businessmen, the academics and hopefully all representatives of Turkish society will demonstrate peacefully in the streets of their cities in Turkey and all over the world. Their voice is loud and clear: They are tired of being pushed and shoved into a system of government that does not agree with the principles and the ideas that served to create the republic and so they have taken to the streets. The solution to the movement and to the demonstrations is simple. The government must step down and give way to a coalition government and then early elections. Peace will then be restored in a civilized and orderly manner. There is no room for agitators in the streets of Turkish cities, there is only room for the honest and decent people that are demending only freedom and democracy! This is not part of the so-called Arab Spring. This is not an Arab country and the movement is not religious in any way. It is a purely secular and civil movement to demand what every human being deserves and has a right to: Freedom! So, in the spirit of Ataturk, ninety years later, the movement for liberty and democracy, free from religious fanaticism lives on!


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