Cabala Part 1…The Creator first set the bases that would convert into the elements on the which everything would be made (Darwin called it the evolution of the species, he was wrong). The Creator wished for MAN (Humanity), the Principal focus, subject and object of Creation, to be the Master of the created…when the Creator noted rebelliousness and idolatry (the worship of inanimate “things”), Man was instructed and trained in the arts of VIOLENCE…idols separate mankind from the love of the Creator…INTERPRETATION: The things you see are not the things that are; the God you believe in is not G__.;those that seek truth “evolve” into Love…and realize that those who Love are not equal to those that Hate; that Mankind is not made up of equals but of opposing parts and only those who have learned the Truth are counted as being “evolved” and live in the Love of the Creation, able to move, in accordance to their will, the very foundations of the Universe. That is the meaning, the essence and the totality of “Faith.” The “Alefabet” in the Cabala, was given by G__ to Mankind so that History could be written…(BAKERO)


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