Abstract Jazz…AJA…Abstract Jazz Arrangement

Abstract Jazz...AJA...Abstract Jazz Arrangement

Omnia Caelum means “all is Heaven” it is from Cicero, the Roman poet of antiquity…it is also the name I’ve given to my studio of ART, in its many forms and modalities and where I make a living as an Artist selling my images and my music (the Jazz made by AJA my musical association)…All the images that you see and will see in my Blog are protected and for sale. They are not free images in the public domain, they are my original creations as an artist and they form part of my inventory and folks buy them. I have clients who have purchased my work for their private collections spanning three continents: North America (New York, Miami), Europe (Aragon, Spain) and Asia (Turkey)…I would like to count you as one of my friends and followers and perhaps even a client…so here is AJA for your listening pleasure…it is the musical Jazz version of some of my art work which you will see in this Blog in the future…Thank you, Peace, Respect and One Love!


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  2. Anna Waldherr · February 21, 2020

    I have been reading Cicero, myself, lately. 🙂

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