The Question of Questioning Jazz…

Some ask, what is Jazz?  Is that a good question?  Does it really matter?  It may…but then again, isn’t Jazz a style of music and isn’t music meant to be listened to and…well, I know that we question music, we write about music, we discuss it, we analyze it and critique it…so naturally, we are used to definitions and we want to apply it to Jazz, which by nature, would seem to defy definitions…and that is because the only constant with Jazz is CHANGE!  So wouldn’t that mean that today’s definition would change tomorrow?  What is the purpose of trying to define something if the words, the thoughts, the meaning of it will be lost in a short amount of time…but I would say that to me Jazz is like Religion…it is something that you adhere to by faith and because you like what you hear…you might be a musician seeking expression and realized that the only type of music that can allow you the freedom to be whatever you want to be is Jazz! You might like to listen to something that you know comes from way deep in the heart and soul of the player…or you might be a composer seeking to challenge yourself and your ego as you write something that you know is not going to be played as you wrote it or even as you imagined it…that is Jazz too…A religion? Did I say that? What is Religion? It is a conduit that takes us from the profane to the Sacred…Jazz is a conduit that takes us from the simple to the most complex but it lays it out before us and all we have to do is enjoy it…just like God, we cannot comprehend the mysteries of the universe, but God makes it simple for us…simply believe, trust and expect a miracle…I think that the more I think and the more I delve deeply into a topic, the more I understand that all things are connected, the more I see the face of God…

Abstract Jazz…AJA…Abstract Jazz Arrangement

Abstract Jazz...AJA...Abstract Jazz Arrangement

Omnia Caelum means “all is Heaven” it is from Cicero, the Roman poet of antiquity…it is also the name I’ve given to my studio of ART, in its many forms and modalities and where I make a living as an Artist selling my images and my music (the Jazz made by AJA my musical association)…All the images that you see and will see in my Blog are protected and for sale. They are not free images in the public domain, they are my original creations as an artist and they form part of my inventory and folks buy them. I have clients who have purchased my work for their private collections spanning three continents: North America (New York, Miami), Europe (Aragon, Spain) and Asia (Turkey)…I would like to count you as one of my friends and followers and perhaps even a client…so here is AJA for your listening pleasure…it is the musical Jazz version of some of my art work which you will see in this Blog in the future…Thank you, Peace, Respect and One Love!


Cabala Part 1…The Creator first set the bases that would convert into the elements on the which everything would be made (Darwin called it the evolution of the species, he was wrong). The Creator wished for MAN (Humanity), the Principal focus, subject and object of Creation, to be the Master of the created…when the Creator noted rebelliousness and idolatry (the worship of inanimate “things”), Man was instructed and trained in the arts of VIOLENCE…idols separate mankind from the love of the Creator…INTERPRETATION: The things you see are not the things that are; the God you believe in is not G__.;those that seek truth “evolve” into Love…and realize that those who Love are not equal to those that Hate; that Mankind is not made up of equals but of opposing parts and only those who have learned the Truth are counted as being “evolved” and live in the Love of the Creation, able to move, in accordance to their will, the very foundations of the Universe. That is the meaning, the essence and the totality of “Faith.” The “Alefabet” in the Cabala, was given by G__ to Mankind so that History could be written…(FBC)