American parent…

American parents should learn to look at their children and see them for what they are, the seeds of the future..instead they look at their children and see wonders and marvels…if an adult tries to discipline their children, of course in a benevolent fashion, they are ready to defend their misbehaving little brat to the the death, if need be…this was not so when I was a wee lad, growing up in America…in my youth, (mid 60’s), children respected adults, now, being brought up to believe they are special, they have contempt and fear of adults…this manner of child rearing breeds maladjusted adults who in their neurotic, psychotic behaviour can end up committing such atrocious acts as the one we have seen occur in Colorado recently…wake up! Children are children, they are nothing special, they will become special, but treat them like children first, let them adjust, not all adults are child abusers or molesters, good grief! Hopefully, as they grow and learn, they will feel a closer kindred to all humanity and do the right thing all the time…


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