From Columbine to Batman?

Do we really have to begin to search the deep confines of the shooter’s brain to see if there is an underlying psychiatric reason why he should have done what he did at the pictures in Aurora? Is it needful to theorise and conclude that this young man’s actions were abnormal by trying to sketch a picture of profound pathology or of genetic defects rooted within the neurotic component of his brain?

I think not. It is quite obvious, even to the most prosaic amongnst us, that what he did was not what a normal young man, balanced and mentally fit, would have done. What he did was antisocial to the core, psychotic ad infinitum, perverted and evil…sans doubte, sans reason…

But instead of looking at his psychological makeup, obviously deranged, let us look at the society we live in. Instead of looking for internal signs, difficult to spot and harder to interpret, even by acknowledged professionals, let us look at the signs that we can easily spot, that even we can interpret and clearly, if not, at least partially understand.

Children born in the late eighties and nineties, such as the subject if this entry, grew up in a very unstable America, (and we are only referring to Americans, others who can associate with similarities are welcome to draw their own parallels), a country fighting foreign wars, suffering from the supposedly undert served blows of foreign terrorists, experiencing economical uncertainties and travelling forwards into a magic realm of technological achievements unparalleled in the story of humanity aboard Mother Earth!

And the list goes on…after all, in the blink of an eye, America went from being a country admired, loved and respected in the world, to one thoroughly despised! Children brought up during these years encountered, as they grew more independent of their parent’s wings, a society devoid of it’s once highly priced values. They literally ran into the personified manifestation of impotence and frustration and it looked like a game…an electronic game, wherein Americans were still strong, admired, still the defenders of good and the destroyers of evil. Something that in reality, America had forgotten how to do.

And I do not want to turn this into a political opinion…what I mean to say I will summarize in one example: when I was but a wee lad and brought to America to live, I recall that I started school in second grade (in my country of origin childhood education surpassed the public school atandards of mid sixties America) and I walked about six city blocks to school. Along the way, together with a group of friends, we at times got a little out of hand, but if a neighbour along the route caught us being naughty, that neighbour would take it upon him or herself to discipline us, on the spot! And our parents would thank them! Nowadays our parents would have probably filed legal capias against such neighbours!

And that, my friends, is the difference…our children have grown up isolated, antisocial by design, mistrusting and suspicious…and we have also grown to distrust and distance ourselves from the youth of the nation…and from each other…

Signs around us abound. Let us look at those first and then at the mind of a subject…maybe that way we can learn and avoid…perhaps we would lament less…just a thought. I am not a psychologist or a sociologist, just an observer of human behaviour, respecting, as B.F. Skinner might have taught, the black box which is the human brain…we know what goes in and what goes out, we’ve no thought of what actually happens in between.


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