Should Europe Lend Europe a Hand?


Hm mm…well I woke up to news that in Spain, the land of my parents and a country I love dearly and think of as my own because of my heritage, the public sector employees and workers were dramatically protesting PM Rajoy’s Austerity Measures for the nation.  Hmmm…I watched and listened to the angry coments of those out in the streets, braving the rubber bullets, courtesy of the National Police Force, marching, shouting, imploring the world to listen and ultimately to support their embattled cause…and I thought: “Poppycock!”
Austerity is not a measure to be repudiated in such a fashion! Austerity is the solution to years of living outside the normal and expected means by a country, no, by countries, that have exploited the bounty of the Western World for decades and who now must wake up, look in the mirror of reality and deal with it! The only way to deal with it is through austerity. Numbers do not lie. Numbers can be ignored, as they were for a long, long time, by countries that offered their workers unsustainable benefits, by countries who offered their citizens services they could not afford to pay for, and numbers were ignored when these same countries boasted to the world that they were the “vanguard” of social reform…but now, when the time to pay the bill has come…what do they want?
There is ignorance and there is self-imposed blindness. I am quite sure that the majority of those in Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal, recognize the reality of this situation. But the idiots march on! The call of ignorance is against austerity…similar to a sick person blaming the medicine for his disease, or to a man in distress who fights off his would be rescuers because he does not like the clothes they wear…
Europe has lived off the benevolence of America since the end of the IXXth Century. After WWII, General Marshal’s plan set them on the course to recovery. Then the influences of international communism got in the way, and Europeans, of course, not wanting to emulate the soviets, decided to “develop” European Socialism instead and this, what we now see as the Europe of 2012, is the result of such stupidity.
Thank God Greece chose a Conservative, as did Spain…but Spaniards are too emotional for their own good…to hopefully mark the end of this local grown socialism and mark the beginning of austerity. And folks, there is mo way around it, AUSTERITY IS REALITY! That should be the slogan! European countries that made their people actually work, i.e. Germany, are now having to support their less enthusiastic or non-motivated brothers and sisters. It is well and good that they should, they cannot escape history either nor Reality…
Europe has to accomodate herself in the scheme of things. Europe must stop living the fantasy created by her filmmakers. Europe must realize that she is not on the vanguard nor the fast track, setting the social pace of the future, but a fellow passenger on life’s slow moving, but steady train to the future. And lastly, but most importantly, Europe must realize that the only way to have, to give to her sons and daughters all they demand is by making her people do something that they have not done for almost two centuries: WORK!
So, to my fellow Spaniards: Please take my advise, I know what I am saying…go home, stay off Madrid’s beautiful, precious streets, boulevards, circles and plazas…and get a job and about your cries against austerity? We can only say: Get over it! Stop the protesting! The world is not sympathetic to you. You want to know why? Because the rest of us have always had to work for a living and be austere! You are too spoiled getting things free that we have had to pay for. So if you want these so-called “socialized” services, work for them and pay for them. So get off the streets, go to work!
Bon chance!



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