Liebster Award

I must truly thank this young and very talented fellow blogger, VINCENT EHINDERO,, for nominating me for this lovely award. I encourage all to visit his blog. I have, for some time now, been following Vincent and enjoying his posts. I know you will too.

Vincent has asked what seven things (amazing ones) I have done in 2020…

Well, I must say that I have tried to write more, think more, create more music, love my family and friends, reach out to those whom I know need me and stay positive and alert, after all, for the most part of this year we have been, first under the threat of a pandemic, then going through one. Here in my native Spain we have been hit hard and we are fighting it. I would say that the amazing things this year have been done by the doctors, nurses and all those who work for the Health Care system (in all countries), as well as those who work, daily, to make sure we have our supermarket shelves full, stocked and available. I thank the amazing work of the police, the fire department, as well as taxi drivers, truckers, supermarket clerks, cashiers, stock personnel and all who are trying to survive and resisting boredom and sadness…

As I usually say, I cannot nominate a few, I would nominate all, as we all deserve a nomination. We spend long hours on our blogs and I certainly appreciate all of you!

So, with love and with great respect, I nominate you!

My greetings and wishes for your health and well being.


(Photograph property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, C.2020 All Rights Reserved)

The light is ever changing,

pattterns form and dissipate,

and we are still

pretending that we can create

and understand the voices

that, in the night and in our ear, whisper “I love you”.

We know nothing…

The light is ever present,

although we cannot see it…

A seagull flies by my window

and I feel a sense of awkwardness

at not being able to fly.

But to not fly is not a limitation,

it is liberation…

A journey is a period one cuts out of time,

a reflection is not pure,

a reflection is a fiction that we

write of the non-fiction of our lives…

The light is always present

and I will wait at my window

until I see your shape,

ever present in my mind,

becoming more delicious as time

goes by…

to devour every inch of your skin…

Light is not included and not invited

to spend the night

that we will claw out of the rocks of time

that separate us…

In conclusion,

light never changes,

it is all in my mind…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 07 APR 2020, Valencia, Spain


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(“Los Maravillosos” original drawing by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, graphite and India ink on paper, private collection Spain, All Rights Reserved C.2020)

Now that we can stay in bed all day,

when night and sandwiches are stored

in plastic bags,

and in the kitchen eggs stare at the ceiling,

we must conclude, sans doute, that we are mad…

Now that we are reaching for the shower,

while raindrops cool the fresh baked morning bread,

the clock down in the basement has lost hours,

the cat is oh so still, I think she’s dead…

Now that all our friends have learned to salsa,

ballroom dancing we have learned instead,

you know that I should lead as I’m the alpha,

and you have turned translucent, garnet red…

Now that I can kiss you slow and tender,

when the cashier smiles at me and says,

flowers for immaculate pretenders,

I offer you these yellow midnight rays…

Now that you have learned to wear stilettos,

when I’ve trained with iron balls and chains,

when we’re free from walking through the ghettos,

skin to skin and dancing we’ll remain…

Now that we can stay in bed for hours,

the wine we toast to spring has reached our head…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 06 APR 2020, Valencia, Spain


(Foto propiedad de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Ahora que ya no hay nadie en esta calle,

ahora que miras todo del balcón,

me brindas tu silencio, que detalle,

y una paloma mira de un cordón…

Ahora que no me atrevo a darte un beso,

espero que tu te acerques hacia mi,

revolotean los peces, casi muertos,

y tu tranquila te acuestas a dormir…

Ahora que sobran gotas de los llantos,

Porque nos han robado el mes de abril,

Se escuchan sólo ecos de los cantos,

Quien nos habrá hecho dueños del redil…

Ahora que por el barrio solo el viento,

va buscando rendijas para huir,

No quiero trastornarte ni lo intento,

Solo busco ahora hacerte sonreír.

Ahora que no se ni lo que pienso,

pienso en cada momento junto a ti.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 07 de abril de 2020, Valencia, País Valenciá.